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What is malaria and how is it spread? Usually, people get malaria by being bitten by an infective female Anopheles mosquito. Because the malaria parasite is found in red blood cells of an infected person, malaria can also be transmitted through blood transfusion, organ transplant, or the shared use of needles or syringes contaminated with blood.
What is the drug of choice for malaria? For adults with severe malaria, artesunate should be the treatment of choice. The drug is more effective than quinine, is simple to administer, and is safe.
What kills malaria parasite? Summary: Currently, few antimalarial treatments exist that effectively kill liver-stage malaria parasite Plasmodium vivax, which can lay dormant for months or even years. Malaria is caused by Plasmodium, a parasite spread by the Anopheles mosquito as it feasts on blood.
Is malaria still a problem in Africa? Overview. The WHO African Region continues to bear the brunt of the global burden of malaria. In 2015, 88% of global cases and 90% of global deaths occurred in the African Region. Between 2000 and 2015, the number of malaria cases declined by 42% while the malaria death rate declined by 66% in the African Region.
How is complicated malaria treated? Prompt effective treatment and case management should be the same as for severe P. falciparum malaria (see section 7.4). Following parenteral artesunate, treatment can be completed with a full treatment course of oral ACT or chloroquine (in countries where chloroquine is the treatment of choice).
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