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Purchase tenofovir forum iives, buy tenofovir johannesburg beside

Purchase tenofovir forum, buy tenofovir johannesburg

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Does HIV medicine make you sick? HIV treatment and feeling sick Some anti- HIV drugs can make you feel sick. Most often this is a side-effect that goes away after a few days or weeks of taking a drug. But don't stop taking your anti- HIV drugs without first speaking to a doctor.
Can you stop HIV if caught early? Some HIV sufferers can be "functionally cured" if they are diagnosed soon after being infected and treated quickly, a new study suggests. Fourteen patients who were rapidly given antiretroviral drugs have remained healthy for years even after stopping treatment, French researchers found.
What are long term effects of HIV? Examples of long - term side effects include: Kidney problems, including kidney failure. Liver damage (hepatotoxicity) Heart disease.
Can HIV lay dormant for years? HIV can lie dormant in infected cells for years, even decades. Drugs for HIV have become adept at suppressing infection, but they still can 't eliminate it. That's because the medication in these pills doesn't touch the virus' hidden reserves, which lie dormant within infected white blood cells.
How Long Can HIV be dormant in your body? It may take up to ten years after primary infection for HIV/AIDS symptoms to become manifest; however, that doesn't mean HIV has been lying "dormant" all that time. HIV remains very active throughout this "clinically latent" (symptom-free) period.
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